Solid Chemistry, the way water is supposed to be treated.


What type of equipment do you have?

We cover all commercial and industrial water systems for solid water treatment chemistry implementation projects. We can quote, design, spec, install and maintain a solid water treatment system for all cooling towers, boilers, open-circulating loop water systems, RO / NF systems, and any other water equipment you may use on site. Learn more about applications below.


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Cooling Water Systems

Cooling Water Applications

We can install solid water treatment chemistry systems onto any type of cooling tower water system. This includes cooling towers used for comfort cooling, production process cooling, HVAC systems, and any other cooling water system.

RO / NF Application

RO / NF Applications

RO / NF systems can benefit from solid water treatment chemistry the same way cooling towers, boilers, and closed loops do. Preserving natural resources and reducing Total operational costs.

Boiler / Heating water systems

Boiler System Applications

Boiler and water heating systems benefit from solid water treatment chemistry programs. The ease and space saving technology will help maintenance personnel run more efficient boiler operations.

Closed Loop water systems

Closed Loop Systems

We handle solid water treatment system application and usage on all closed loop water systems. We will inspect and analysis your closed water system and recommended a solid treatment program. We cover all different types of closed loop water systems.

Other Industrial water systems

Other Industrial Systems

If you do not see your equipment type listed ask us if solid water treatment products can be installed onto your equipment. We will work alongside you to see if your system will benefit from the application of solid water treatment chemistry.

Meet, The Solid Approach,
the world's most trusted & used solid water treatment program.

Chemenergy Water Treatment, Inc. founded the Solid Approach water treatment product line 41 years ago in 1975. Over the course of 41 years, the product line has undergone changes which continue to push it to the front of the industrial / commercial water treatment sector for application. Our service technicians and licensed water treatment specialists are trained to install, inspect and provide ongoing maintenance to The Solid Approach solid water chemistry systems.

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