Water treatment is a valuable asset to industries around the globe. Industries around the world constantly push themselves to operate more efficiently, focusing their efforts on water, energy, waste and other sustainable programs. Chemenergy Water Treatment, Inc. is leading innovations into the water treatment sector of industries globally. Our service technicians and company culture focuses on providing your business or industry with the most sustainable,more safer & efficient water treatment programs available. Located in New York, we are pushing for global expansion and are getting closer everyday with our efforts and passionate, dedicated workers.


Our industry has major problems that need to be addressed. Climate change, safety & waste are all a very serious threat to the health of our earth and the people that inhabit it. 

5,500 Million Metric Tons

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activity.In 2014, roughly 5,500 Million Metric tons were released into our atmosphere. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the United States increased by about 9% between 1990 and 2014

570 Billion pounds of municipal waste

In 2007, Americans threw out about 570 billion pounds of municipal solid waste.  Compared to other nations, the United States has a record of generating waste at an alarming rate.  Home to only 4% of the global population, we are responsible for more than 30% of the planet’s total waste generation.  Each American discards an average of more than 1,650 pounds of garbage every year, or approximately 4.6 pounds per person each day, nearly double the 1960 average of 2.7 pounds per day.

15,003  Hazardous accidents / Year

Every time someone chooses to use a company that uses liquid water treatment products or other hazardous treatment methods, they put the public at risk. According to government data, in 2015, 328 incidents happened in storage, 3,130 happened in loading the material, 3,793 incidents happened in transit, and 7,752 incidents happened during the unloading phase.


Access to safe and clean water is vital to the success of our customers businesses and building maintenance. We work hard to change unsafe and unsanitary conditions into safer, cleaner, more efficient maintenance programs. Through the use of our patented product line and solid water treatment equipment, we are accomplishing this vision. Cooling towers, boilers and closed loops around the globe are benefiting from our Solid Approach system and site plans.


Our team of trained experts works hard to replace every every dust and liquid treatment site with a less hazardous, more efficient treatment solution. We are currently located in Albany, NY and service the entire NYS, NYC and surrounding areas. We strive to take our efforts global and are getting closer to making that a reality.


Dangerous, less efficient treatment methods on commercial sites


Safer,less hazardous solid water treatment solutions.

"Having a son of my own has opened up my eyes to how a company can provide safer chemicals in place of hazardous material.Buildings, schools and public places benefit."