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Service Agreements

Reduce Operation and Maintenance costs

The benefits of servicing agreements and automated preventative maintenance scheduling have been an integral part of Chemenergy's everyday field activities for some time now. Our servicing work and programs can reduce operational costs, conserve water, drastically reduce repair frequency and increase the lifespan of expensive equipment located in your business or plant.

Planned Maintenance

Added protection against the unexpected.

Building owners, plant workers, plant personnel, and building maintenance workers are under more pressure than ever before to deliver cost effective energy management solutions to upper management. Building equipment such as boilers, cooling towers used for process cooling or air comfort cooling and RO systems have to perform reliably with no downtime. Downtime for repairs is a nuisance that drops your bottom line and angers top management.

They key to ensuring top system efficiency and Higher ROI with your equipment, building and plant lies in your ability to plan ahead, address future problems, and prevent those problems from ever occurring.

Instead of reacting when problems have already occurred and remaining a step behind, it is best to get out in front of these problems and ensure efficient operation at all times. This not only reduces problems, but will cost significantly less in the long run. Allowing you to put more budget, time and energy into other things that will generate even more profit.

The key to commercial building management, and plant management is preventative maintenance. Chemenergy will help you plan ahead and will address maintenance needs on a scheduled, systematic water treatment basis. Allowing you to pay monthly or yearly for Chemenergy's services will allow you to take care of your industrial and commercial equipment, save significantly and eliminate unplanned downtime.

Research has shown that regular water treatment servicing and scheduled site visits will increase efficiency with the equipment, increase total operations profitability, ensure longer equipment life spans, save an estimated 10 - 35% off of your budget when compared to reactive repairs, ensure cleaner, safer environments, and optimize assets.

Chemenergy offers water treatment programs that are cost-effective and have been aiding industries worldwide for over 42 years since 1975. Our preventative water treatment programs ensure proper automated feed technology is installed, serviced and adjusted to provide maximum chemical coverage for your industrial and commercial equipment.

Financial Services

Our financial services include FREE site visits and quotes with no obligations. We accept and work with customers to establish monthly payment plans or all in one payments to ensure Business owners have enough capital to address the other problems they face as well. You need to remain competitive but also modernize and keep up with legal regulations within your facilities. We can help. We will work alongside you to meet your budget needs will maintaining industry and legal standards for your building, plant or facility.

Meeting your needs with comprehensive maintenance

We have yet to find two facilities that require the same approach and maintenance strategy. Chemenergy will build a customized service plan, with a combination of water treatment equipment, water treatment chemicals, planned, and predictive maintenance services. The program will be suited to meet your building, business and plant performance needs. Keeping HVAC, industrial, and commercial equipment operating efficiently at maximum performance levels.

Professional Extensive Knowledge 

Chemenergy provides the best skilled service technicians to meet the needs of your facility. Our service workers are backed by over 42 years of water treatment experience. Chemenergy has worked with over 2,000 customers in the upstate NY region, servicing some of the largest, modern equipment to date.


Our servicing agreements ensure we tackle possible problems before they become actual problems. We get the job done and protect your most valuable equipment assets located within your facility, plant, and commercial building.


For over 42 years, businesses around the globe count on Chemenergy to ensure water is treated, managed, and conserved. We tackle your largest water related problems through team work, problem solving, and intelligent work ethics.



Start a preventative maintenance program and save over time. With a $0-down payment, simply pay for your system and service technician visits every month at a low, fixed cost. We cover installation, water treatment chemical application, water and energy monitoring, and water analysis. Pricing depends on services needed, size of commercial/industrial equipment, number of systems on site and service technician work to be completed.


Paying in full will not only get you all of the features and benefits of our monthly plans, you could apply for a discount when paying in full. Discounts may not apply where applicable. Paying in full will ensure you with peace of mind in that your payment was already made and you are covered with service and water treatment.


Pay for your water treatment equipment upfront and own the system outright. Chemenergy is still needed to maintain and run the water treatment system, but you will have a lower monthly payment due to reduced equipment fees and charges.