Plastic Waste

We created an alternative to 55 Gallon drums that can not be recycled. Replacing them with a recyclable alternative.

55 Gallon drums are extremely large and heavy and take up a lot of square feet compared to our small lightweight solid water treatment products. You can imagine the difference in plastic when we compare the amount used to make a drum and the amount used to store the equivalent of this treatment in our small compact canister jugs.

Our solid product canisters use 1/16th the amount of plastic as large liquid drums. Saving plastic will be a breeze and you can now recycle your water treatment products instead of using drum disposal services and paying numerous fees.


Plastic Waste Reductions

Chemenergy reduces plastic waste usage through smaller product lines that take less plastic to package.

Sustainable Manufacturing Policies

Our chemical blending sites are regulated by in house sustainability procedures that drive innovation and energy/water savings even higher.

Improved Air Quality

Reducing the flow of greenhouse gases that spur global warming could prevent up to 3 million premature deaths annually by the year 2100.

Safer School Environments

Our schools should be the safest education areas available. We are here to ensure no hazardous chemicals are brought on site into maintenance areas.

SustainabilityRecyclable product lines