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Working in mechanical rooms around the world, protecting millions in mechanical assets, we are the ones that ensure your building is healthy, smart, energy efficient, and ready to tackle the needs placed on it on a daily basis. We work hard to interpret valuable data and make adjustments to ensure peak building efficiency and performance.

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Chemenergy partners with building owners and operators to create peak energy efficiency building performance, driving down costs and ensuring maximum ROI.

Consider the building. Steel, Glass, drywall, piping. Most people see a building. Chemenergy sees millions of dollars worth of assets that need protection.

When a new building or facility is constructed, the cooling and heating equipment is installed. Rooftop cooling towers are dropped into location via a crane, and piping is constructed throughout the building to allow the transfer of temperature through rooms and spaces. Boilers are constructed in the mechanical room and water softeners are located nearby.

Companies and building owners spend millions of dollars on expensive heating and cooling equipment. Mechanical rooms filled with advanced equipment and reporting analytical software. This begs a questions. Why do we spend millions on mechanical equipment and then leave it uninsured?
Mechanical equipment, like anything else, needs proper maintenance, upkeep, tests, and repairs to be done in a timely, professional manner to ensure proper operation.

Chemenergy works alongside building owners, maintenance personnel and operators to ensure building longevity. Allowing the mechanical aspect of your building to run efficiently and up to industry standards. The cooling and heating water system, equipment, parts and controllers need a maintenance and water treatment program to ensure equipment is protect and will not develop problems.

We are uniquely positioned to analyze data, spot problems, act accordingly and ultimately prevent the problem from occurring. Protecting building equipment in the process and ensuring total system replacements do not occur. The water treatment program we put in place will ensure it.

Protect your assets with Chemenergy and obtain piece of mind in knowing a world class organization that has been in the industry since 1975 is working alongside you to protect your building.

Your initial mechanical investments represent an estimated 4% - 8% of its life cycle cost. As time progresses, you may pay anywhere from 20 - 30 times what you initially paid for equipment and install. Cost of operation includes water utility charges, and energy charges from your energy provider.

Operating at peak efficiency is not only beneficial for the environment and your equipment lifespan, it will drastically lower utility charges as well as conserve water and lower your water usage charges. Building owners, operators and business owners can save millions investing in a properly trained and professional water treatment company. Chemenergy is here to help.

Our buildings are serviced with energy in mind at each service visit. Operating equipment at maximum stresses and efficiency levels. Ensuring the system works hard, but does not over excert itself. Allowing you to get the most out of your builidng while reducing expenses.

Choosing the wrong water treatment provider will result and money lost over short and long periods of equipment operation. Working with Chemenergy will ensure you put money back into your pocket everytime you hit the power on switch. When the building comes alive for the day, the savings start to add up.

Water. It is at the heart of everything we do.

Water based equipment and systems require water to operate. Without a fluid - such as water - the equipment will not run. Water is choosen in 99.9% of the cases because of its excellent heat transfer rates and overall low cost. Even due to water's low cost, prices continously rise, and according to the United Nations, in 15 years the demand for water will outpace the supply for water by 40%. Resulting in extremley high water paces, regulations on buildings and business to use less water, and fines and penalties for any building with high water usage.

Chemenergy has postioned itself over the course of its existence to offer a solution to this problem.
Our water treatment technicians and chemical engineers are knowledgable, profesional and can lend experience into the water operations located within your building. Water consrvation in your facility is of utmost importance.

We work with operators to lower water usage through the application of our water treatment systems. Allowing systems to "hold" water for longer periods of time. Reducing the need for "fresh" or make-up water. Lowering your water footprint and lowering the costs associated with water.

Implementing a water treatment package from Chemenergy will guarantee a ROI back to the buisness owner, operator, or building owner.

The cost for a water treatment preventative maintenace program will generate a ROI based on its ability to help reduce system downtime, increase system efficiency, lower total operational charges assocaited with the equipment and lowering repairs / repair frequency.

The process of controlling, monitoring, and increasing a building's ROI is challenging and continues to grow more complex, and move at a faster pace everyday. Building owners, facility maintenance personnel and operators may be hesistant or limited with time and not be able to address ROI or building performance. Chemenergy can help.

Chemenergy takes a complex process and guides customer's through it. We listen to the needs of the facility and present a guide on the best way to tackle it. Understanding the building, the processes completed in it and the people, help us determine the best water treatment plan to put into place. We link ROI to our everyday work, meeting our customer's finincial goals, along with their building goals.

Industrial and commercial heating and cooling systems need preventative maintenace in order to ensure successfull operation. Without preventative maintenance, repairs are immenant, and system reliability will hit an all time low.

Mechanical preventative maintenace needs to be completed, but it is not the only maintenace your systems need. Water treatment is essential and required by most cooling and boiler manufacturers in order for the equipment to run up to its industry standards & specifications. Water treatment will also ensure repairs occur less often and are less costly.

The cost for water treatment chemical application is much less of an expense when compared to large part/piping replacement or full system replacements.

Talk to a Chemenergy representative today to lower repair frequency and protect your building assets.

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