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We follow water. Wherever it goes.

Chemenergy's solid water treatment programs are designed to treat a vast array of different water based mechanical equipment that buildings & facilities utilize. As water travels throughout your building, our chemicals follow it through various types of mechanical equipment. Ensuring the mechanical equipment operates at the right water chemistries designated by the manufacturers.

Compatible Mechanical Equipment:

1.  All types of Boilers & associated System pipping
2.  Heat Exchangers ( HPE, Chillers, Condensers, etc. )
3.  Waste water treatment injection
4.  All Cooling Tower water systems
5. Industrial Reverse Osmosis equipment

Solid Water Treatment Asset protection

Buildings and facilities spend millions on retrofitting their new or old building with the latest mechanical equipment. Ensure your investment stays protected from water related damages and concerns using advanced solid water treatment systems and chemical formulations.

Solid water Treatment systems are installed on applications to achieve enhanced safety benefits, advanced chemical protection, sustainability, and ease of use. These systems are very cost effective and allow building owners and maintenance personnel to utilize the latest water treatment technology available.

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Application replacement: Liquid Drum set-ups

Modern cities are constantly growing and changing. This increases the expectations of efficiency and performance of all types of devices. Water Treatment supply equipment that is installed in your building is no different. With solid water treatment chemicals offered by Chemenergy, you can operate a safer, less hazardous workplace for your maintenance workers.

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Solid Water Treatment