Drinking Water

Buildings and facilities provide a place of comfort, security and safety to its workers, guests and customer bases. Drinking water requires treatment and constant lab testing to ensure quality, keep the general public safe, and meet ever changing building compliance codes and regulations. Chemenergy can provide a range of technological solutions, as part of a set of comprehensive hygiene measures, for the prevention and elimination of Legionella and other bacteria in water conduits.

Monthly or weekly service visits with our Potable Water service technicians

Water treatment plans that fit the needs of your building and potable water control system.

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Potable Water Testing

Meet building compliance codes and laws by using our water testing services for all of your potable water needs.

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Disinfection of Potable Water

Chemenergy can lend services to buildings that require water disinfection chemical purchasing, testing, and system purchasing and installation needs.

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Ionization unit testing

Ionization units within your facility require routine sampling and testing to ensure proper calibration and reliability. We can help you comply with government and state compliance regulations.

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Bacteria and Water-Borne Disease

Water harbors microbial organisms that fuel disease growth and spread. Your potable water supply and supply streams are at risk for harboring diseases and bacteria.

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State Law Programs

Chemenergy can enable your building or facility to meet changing laws for potable water quality.

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