Experts in RO

Selecting, applying, and working with the correct pretreatment chemical blends and equipment services for the feedwater and overall water within an RO / NF system is critical. Working with professionals ensures that your RO / NF system maintains optimum performance and maximizes the membranes overall lifetime. Proper water treatment programs will minimize or prevent fouling, scaling, and membrane degradation. Protecting expensive company assets through proper monitoring and maintenance procedures carried out by our dedicated and knowledgable service teams.

Monthly or weekly service visits with our RO / NF treatment programs

RO / NF equipment will benefit from monthly or weekly service visits.

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RO / NF Bio & Bacteria control

Biofouling occurs in RO & NF systems when proper water treatment and preventative maintenance programs are not put into place.

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Sustainable & Green water treatment solutions & programs

RO / NF systems can benefit from solid water treatment chemistry the same way cooling towers, boilers, and closed loops do. 

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Cleaning RO / NF Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Membrane cleaning schedules should be planned and reflected by the normalized system data and not by any predetermined schedule.

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RO / NF Pretreatment and water care

RO / NF system feedwater must be treated and prepared to minimize scaling ions, suspended solids, free halogen residuals and microbiological contamination.

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RO / NF system performance services

Chemenergy will work alongside you to effectively run an ongoing efficient RO / NF system while protecting company assets.

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RO / NF System monitoring and service technician audit plans

In order to operate a RO / NF system efficiently you need to have the right data.

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RO / NF system FREE site and plant visit analysis

Well work with you to perform an entire survey of your plant.

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Legionella services from our expert legionella company sector

Halting and eliminating Legionaires disease spread in RO / NF systems is equally important as any other disease prevention in other industrial equipment.

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RO / NF system installation

Chemenergy will handle or provide outsourcing contacts for cost-effective RO / NF system installation.

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