Closed Loop Cooling

Closed cooling systems recirculate the same water over and over again, using secondary heat exchangers to reject waste heat from the system. These systems are non-evaporative. Water loss in these systems is very minor, resulting in the need for little make-up water when compared to other cooling types. There are several different designs of HVAC machines, and we are prepared in our expertise to handle any one of them.

Monthly or weekly service visits with our cooling tower treatment programs

We can implement a cost effective closed water loop treatment plan that ensures longevity in equipment lifespans.

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Closed chilled water loop water treatment

Closed chilled water loops need as much attention and care as full cooling water systems. 

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Sustainable & Green water treatment solutions & programs

Preventative maintenance work on your closed loop water system ensures energy efficiency, water conservation and peak efficiency operation.

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Refrigeration Loop water treatment

A refrigeration loop is located inside of the HVAC machine. It absorbs the heat from the chilled water, and the water cooled repeats the cycle again.

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Solid water treatment programs 

We can extend over 42 years of solid water treatment experience into the maintenance and treatment of your building facility.

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Shot Feeder maintenance or install programs

Chemenergy can provide services for all of your shot feeder needs.

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Open Recirculating cooling water loop water treatment

A refrigerant exchanges heat with an open recirculating cooling water loop inside of the HVAC machine.

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Free site visit & Cooling loop analysis

Obtain your free site visit from a certified Chemenergy service technician today.

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Other various closed applications / systems

Chemenergy has the experience and knowledge to inspect, identify and offer packaged solutions to many different closed water applications.

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