Chemenergy Water Treatment, Inc. is a leading global water preservation and energy savings services provider. We offer a unique combination of experts, product lines and solutions.  We have been operating for over 43 years. Today we create new horizons for our customers when dealing with water scarcity & energy issues. Our services are engineered to provide sustainable solutions that will enable future generations to continue thriving in a world where population continues to increase and resources diminish.

Water Scarcity

Half of the world's water is used for industrial and commercial cooling water. 70% of Industrial water is used for cooling. This high demand for water to run cooling water systems has a great influence on the entire world's water supply distribution system.

1/2 World's Water used for industrial purposes.

70% of Industrial Water is used for Cooling.

Fight with us

Reductions of blowdown by operating equipment at higher Cycles of Concentrations has allowed us to preserve water.


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Water is becoming more and more scarce.

We reduce water usage onsite.

Eliminating onsite hazards for our customers.

Wide range of water saving services.

We have engineered our production and product manufacturing warehouse to eliminate water usage in a wide range of our products. This can help our customers save 55 Gallons of water on a single box of 50LB treatment chemicals because of manufacturing procedures.