Solid Encapsulation

Research and development remains an integral and necessary step to any solid encapsulation product manufacturing process.



Chemenergy offers research and development services to complete the necessary steps to bring a product line from development and manufacturing to the target market.

Essential Researching solutions

Bringing your idea to life and creating an entire product line requires market research and competitive company analysis. Entering a new or established industry requires data, cost analysis, and profitability information. Our research teams are ready to assist in gathering and interpreting this data.

Product and product line development

Chemenergy develops and researches total manufacturing procedures. When a company partners with Chemenergy, we develop a manufacturing procedure to handle mass production passes fast, and efficiently with critical quality control.

Time to Market

Time to market is the time it takes a product to go from development and manufacturing into a customer's hand. We strategize with companies to increase their time to market and allow them to increase sales in a more responsive environment.